Paraeducators as Partners

Paraeducators as Partners in Increasing Achievement

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Getting Started
Activity 1: Introduction
High-Impact Student Achievement Factors
Activity 2: What is Effect Size?
Growth Mindset
Activity 3: Background on Teaching Growth Mindset
Activity 4: Neuroplasticity: The Brain Is Always Changing
Activity 5: Fixed or Growth Mindset
Activity 6: The Growth Mindset Video & Video Review
Activity 7: Famous Failures
Activity 8: What Does Growth Mindset Sound Like?
Activity 9: The Power Of A Three-Letter Word
Growth Mindset Strategies
Activity 10: Growth Mindset Strategies
Activity 11: Classifying Feedback Samples
Activity 12: Feedback Strategies
Student Engagement
Understanding Student Engagement As Cognitive Engagement
Activity 13: Understanding Student Engagement As Cognitive Engagement
Activity 14: How Can Paraeducators Make Assignments More Engaging?
Activity 15: Student Engagement Strategies
Relationships: The Fred Factor
Relationships: "Be" Examples
Activity 16: Be Like Fred
Activity 17: Classifying Strategies
Session Review
Activity 18: Session Review
Evaluation of Session
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