SBDM Organizer

Designed by a former principal and SBDM Coordinator, the material covers all pertinent council issues, from legal requirements to meeting guidelines and election rules. This must-have resource includes Redbook regulations for SBDM Councils, as well as information regarding assessment and accountability.

Course Details

SBDM Organizer Complete Download
Complete Download
Index, Proficiency Keys, Glossary
Index to SBDM Organizer
Proficiency Keys
Council Role in Curriculum/Instructional Practices
Council Role in Monitoring and Responding to Data
Council and committee processes are efficient and effective
Actions are intentional with a goal in mind
School improvement planning addresses needs and guides school efforts
Policies Focus on School Priorities
Policies maximize human resources
Policies maximize budget resources
Follow School Bylaws
Follow School Policies
Meet the requirements of Kentucky’s open meeting and open record laws
Make decisions aligned with state and federal laws/regulations, and other applicable policies
Two Ways to Promote Powerful Teamwork
SBDM Elections Info
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