Gap Closure Toolkit

Gap Closure ToolkitStrategic Approaches to Success — KASC’s newest toolkit is a multi-part attack on the achievement gap. The research-based, strategic approaches included in the kit will:

  • Build the case for the belief that “all brains can learn”
  • Demystify what actually happens during learning
  • Attack misinformation about “What is smart?” with facts and relatable learning experiences
  • Give students tools to be stronger learners
  • Change beliefs and actions without extensive training by focusing on student motivation and existing strengths
  • Increase INTENT for every action

The Gap Closure Toolkit provides ready-to-use activities and resources for everyone in your school community to close the gap for all students.


Course Details

Complete Toolkit Download
Gap Closure Toolkit Complete Download
Making the Commitment and Getting Started
Introduction Gap Closure Toolkit
How Do We Get Started?
Non-Negotiable Actions for Success with this Toolkit
Quick-Start Gap Effort
Read Me First Quick Start
Quick Start Guide, Example, and Template
Quick Start Topics
Redefining Intelligence
Redefining Intelligence Read Me First
What is Smart? What is Intelligent?
The "Smart" Label Isn't Good for Anyone
Intelligence Redefined
Neuroplasticity - The Brain is Always Changing
The Myth of Genius
Deliberate Practice
Stories of Deliberate Practice Leading to Excellence
Message Immersion
Barriers to Growing More Intelligent
Understanding the Brain, Learning, and Memory
Read Me First Understanding the Brain, Learning and Memory
Learn About the Brain- Neuron, Dendrite, Synapse
Building Pathways
Memory and Brain Basics
Long-Term Memory
Working Memory
Pathways for Retrieval
Connecting Learning to Background Knowledge and Interests
Equipping Students with Brain-Based Strategies for Student Learning and Studying
Read Me First Equipping Students with Brain-Based Strategies for Learning and Studying
Brain-Based Learn and Study- Student version
Primary Student Version — Help Your Brain Learn
Providing Brain-Based Instruction
Providing Brain-Based Instruction Read Me First
Brain-Based Instruction Meaning
Brain-Based Instruction Movement
Brain-Based Instruction Challenge
Brain-Based Instruction Variety
Brain-Based Instruction Feedback
Brain-Based Instruction Review and Reflect
Lesson Sequence- B,M,E
Understanding Stress and Maximizing Motivation
Read Me First Understanding Stress and Maximizing Motivation
Be Kind
Understanding and Managing Stress
Positive Strategies for Student Behavior
Synthesizing Motivation Research
Bias Awareness
Building Common Language
Unconscious Bias in Schools
Identifying Types Of Bias, Implications, and Interventions
Effect of Language Activity
Optimism Beats Pessimism
Closing Opportunity Gaps
Closing Opportunity Gaps Read Me First
Opportunity Gap Pre-Assessment
Lack of Opportunity- Impact on Gaps
Eliminating Opportunity Gaps
Preventing Gaps
Preventing Gaps Read Me First
Working Together to Prevent Achievement Gaps
Ongoing Stress & Brain Development
Behavior & Motivation
Building Language Skills
Developing Vocabulary Newsletter
Consider Bigger development Issues
Supporting Brain Development in Babies and Toddlers
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