Essential Actions for Determined Councils

This session takes the newly updated SBDM Council Proficiency Keys and enables experienced council members to effectively complete their responsibilities, which include:

  • ensuring all students learn
  • writing quality policies
  • making sure actions follow the law

The session focuses most heavily on positively impacting the students at your school and having fun doing it, plus provides easy-to-use resources for an organized, efficient council process.

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Course Details

SBDM Proficiency Keys
Introduction and Session Purpose
Proficiency Keys History
What are the Main Proficiency Keys?
Proficiency Keys Activity
Powerful Teamwork
Background on Teamwork
Secrets of Successful Teamwork
Video Review
Psychological Safety
Examples and Non-examples
Building Psychological Safety
Retrieval Practice
Environment Where All Students Can Learn
Positive Learning Environments
Motivation Review
Curriculum & Instruction
Why Curriculum Matters
Grade-Appropriate Assignments
Council's Role with Curriculum
What Can Councils Do?
Monitoring & Responding to Data
Monitoring Review
Council Efficiency
Council Tools
Policies And Decision-Making
Schoolwide Initiative Examples
Council Laws, Regulations & Policies
Next Steps
Next Steps for Council Members
Evaluation of Session
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